Protection with Investment

in the journey of life. it is reassuring to know that we will never travel alone

All individuals are exposed to numerous risks, this is subject to destiny where the unforeseen happens. People go through 2 kinds of pain:

  • The loss of life or health
  • The financial impact of such loss

METLICO cannot change destiny but can certainly soften the financial damage of the loss.

At METLICO, we estimate the financial loss to the family associated with a person’s death, disability, or sickness. We developed a list of products that would soften the financial impact of these stressful happenings.

Here is a list of our products with a brief description of the major features of these products:

Golda Product:

GOLDA is a unique savings and protection plan that not only can take care of your family’s financial obligations and help them maintain their current standard of living in the event of your or your spouse’s death but also takes into consideration the declining value of money, so the coverage can be pegged against the gold pound.

It is also possible to add certain several pure protection products to GOLDA plan to cover a variety of risks.


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