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If you are a business owner or director, you know that the peace of mind of your employees is a key factor in making them more focused at work, and therefore more productive.

People worry about their families. They worry about what would happen to their families if they die or become disabled and the paycheck stops coming in? People also worry about their, and their dependents’ health. If the breadwinner or one of his dependents is sick. How are the medical charges going to be covered? Small medical bills are usually easy to cover, but what about the cost of operations or major medical procedures? All these worries and concerns negatively affect the employees. They result in loss of concentration and reduced productivity.

At METLICO, we study each company individually and we tailor-make a group plan that specifically suits each company’s insurance needs. We explain to management why we devised such a plan, and   how it is suitable for their company. And, once we are contracted to provide the coverage, we provide our client with speedy and professional service.

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